Nancy, Bay City

Storyteller: Jessica Pratt

Nancy is 52 years old and a longtime native to the Bay County area. She lives at home with her husband of 20 years and works full time as a busy real estate agent in the area.

Nancy and her husband watch the daily news together every morning. She first heard about COVID-19 when cases were arising in China. She recalls thinking how crazy it was to see an entire country in lockdown and wearing masks everywhere they went. She did not believe it could happen here.

In the Spring of 2020, Nancy was getting ready for the busiest time of the year in real estate. Nancy remembers hearing on the news that March morning that there was going to be an announcement from the governor later that evening. When she heard the news about numbers increasing in our state and that things were shutting down, she couldn’t believe how surreal it felt.

In the beginning of the shutdowns Nancy’s biggest struggle was not being able to see her two beautiful grandchildren. She has always been very active in their lives and having to quarantine away from them for weeks was very hard on her and her husband. Another struggle was having to halt all of her real estate endeavors due to restrictions, resulting in economic hardships.

Overall, Nancy believes this year has been eye opening. Although there have been times of struggle and depression, she is very grateful to have all of her loved ones healthy and here with her today.

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