Chad, Bay City

Storyteller: Jessica Pratt

Chad is 27 years old and a native to the Bay City area. His primary job is working for Dow as a chemical process operator. He is also a busy family man and enjoys spending time with his wife and two young daughters.

Chad first recalls hearing about COVID-19 while at work one evening. A couple co-workers had been talking about the rise in cases that night. He brushed it off and did not engage in conversation about it much. In the next couple days at work, there were a number of meetings being held about the upcoming governor’s orders and how the plant would be adhering to them.

As things progressed in the state and shutdowns were actively taking place, he doesn’t remember things changing much for him. Chad remained working his normal schedule through the whole pandemic. His wife however, had to take a leave of absence from work to take care of their two children when the daycare and school systems shut down.

Chad remembers the biggest stressor through the pandemic was that while continuing to work, he may be actively exposed to the virus. There was still so much unknown at the time and he did as much as he could to prevent the possible spread of exposure to his wife and children.

Chad has been overall very grateful to have actively worked through the pandemic and been able to provide for his family whereas many have not. Although this pandemic has caused hardships and sadness for so many, he has remained appreciative for all that he has been blessed with.

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