Elizabeth, Saginaw county

Storyteller: Michelle Wilkerson

Elizabeth is a 24-year-old who lives in Saginaw, Michigan. She gained firsthand experience with Covid-19, working in the health care field around the elderly and children. Elizabeth remembers scrolling through her Snapchat feed and seeing a post briefly about Covid. She took no caution to it, believing it would be equivalent to Ebola and the Swine flu. Covid became serious then she began to hear more about it.

During the start of the pandemic, Elizabeth lost her job and had to claim unemployment. During that time, she searched for a new job. Thankfully, she found another job, yet it was part-time. The loss of her job while being closed in triggered her depression and anxiety to worsen. She felt trapped and wanted social activity.

 Elizabeth obtained clarity. She realized the true intentions of the people surrounding her. Covid has shown how selfish people were to fulfill their own needs by partying and going out instead of following the CDC guidelines. She now thinks more of others and their health when she chooses between herself and staying home. She still questions if things will go back to normal, In fear of new variants of Covid and vaccinations. She understands time will tell.

Elizabeth has purchased many ointments due to her hands breaking out from wearing gloves and washing her hands at work. She considers people with breathing problems that must wear a mask. She has seen on a firsthand basis how hard it is not to breathe a fresh breath of air.

During the pandemic, Elizabeth bought her apartment in a new city and received a free car. She is joyful to meet new people through her job and loves having a fresh start. She will walk away from this pandemic, being considerate of others and trying to keep them in mind all the time.

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