Chelsea, Grand Rapids

Storyteller: Jessica Pratt

Chelsea is 25 years old and just recently moved to Grand Rapids. Chelsea was born and raised in Bay City, MI, but she had just accepted a job in her new city. Her main responsibility would be being a nanny for a busy family of 5. She was excited for this new journey.

Chelsea first remembers hearing of the pandemic while visiting with her mother and step-father over breakfast. As the news played on the television in the background, she remembers brushing it off like it was nothing. She remembers thinking to herself, “No way that will make it over here”. Before she knew it, she was hearing about cases and numbers spiking everywhere in the US. It started to worry her some, especially as she prepared for her move to a new city.

Fast forward to the summer and she had finally gotten settled into her new place in Grand Rapids. The pandemic was in full swing with the state in heavy lockdown. She remembers a time where she was so excited for this move. Excited to go out and meet new people, eat and shop at new places and enjoy the atmosphere of a new place. She now felt scared, lonely and isolated with no one around her that she knew.

As a social butterfly, Chelsea had a hard time battling depression after her move. She remembers thinking about how much she missed human interaction, outdoor events and concerts. She relied on technology to keep her in touch with friends and family through a lot of it, but it wasn’t the same.

Chelsea is thankful the state has opened up some allowing her to finally enjoy her new city. She is finally able to go out to gatherings and meet new friends and take the kids she nannies on outings. Chelsea believes that this ongoing pandemic has taught her to enjoy the little things more and to be thankful for all that we have, because in an instant it can be gone.

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