Laura, Midland County

Storyteller: Toby Rey

In 2020 when COVID-19 first hit Laura lived at home and was finishing her senior year of high school. She has two sisters, Lydia who is in college and Laryssa who lives with her boyfriend in Grand Rapids. Laura had just got back from DECA states and knew basically nothing of the virus.

After returning home from DECA school was cancelled a week later due to COVID-19  running rampant throughout the U.S. This is when Laura began to worry, as she had just returned from a large gathering of people that came from all around Michigan. The new virus was proving to be deadly to the older generation and her mom fit the description of someone who would be at risk (Older with preexisting conditions). Laura decided it would be best if she took precautions and actually stayed in her room for the remainder of the week so she could help try and protect her parents just in case she had the virus.

After thankfully not contracting the virus Laura and her parents decided they should not see anyone or do anything until the Michigan lockdown was lifted. During this time Laura gained and lost a few things. Because Michigan was on lockdown and no one could do anything in person Laura was forced to do things online, because she had to spend so much time online (Doing school work communicating with friends and maintaining a relationship) Laura improved her emailing skills, furthered her knowledge of the internet, and formed stronger bonds with important people in her life. But she also lost many things. Laura missed her senior year prom, spring break, graduation, and her final year of lacrosse. Like many high schoolers she did not get an end to her senior year.

Because the virus took away so many of the things, we consider normal Laura decided she would no longer take these things for granted. Now she tries to get the most out of every situation just in case something like this happens again.

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