Luke, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Carson Kaeckmeister

Luke was a 21 year old retired military police when the pandemic first started. He had been watching the news one February evening when he learned of a new virus spreading around China. This is when he first learned of Covid-19. Little did he know it would soon be at his doorstep too. When the pandemic started, there were a few changes Luke would have to get used to. He was not able to go out with friends as much and when he did he had to wear a mask everywhere. He also had to stop going to sporting events like the Pistons basketball games that he enjoyed going to. 

The biggest disappointment that the pandemic caused for Luke was the canceling of his trip to Hawaii. Luke had the trip planned to visit the area where he was formerly stationed in the military. Unfortunately, the pandemic got in the way and he was not allowed to go. Despite what he had lost, Luke knew how to see the positives in any situation. For instance he got to spend more time with his family. Thankfully his favorite pastime, golfing, was not affected by the pandemic and he got to keep playing golf throughout the summer. 

Luke has learned some things during this pandemic too. He has learned how to use technology to do more from home such as shopping. He also learned more proper hygiene skills to help keep him healthy in the future. Finally, Luke has also learned to never take his time for granted. He now knows that life can change in a flash and to enjoy his health while he has it as not everyone is as lucky as him. 

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