Calvin, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Carson Kaeckmeister

Calvin was a 21 year old construction worker when the pandemic first started. He had first learned of Covid-19 when he and some friends of his were trying to make plans to celebrate his 21st birthday and found out that all the bars and restaurants were closed down. Thankfully, his job was not affected much by the pandemic and he was able to continue working with a few minor changes. Aside from having to wear a mask everywhere he went, the only problems the virus caused for him was an increase in stress and irritation. 

Even though Calvin did not lose his job, he had lost the opportunity to celebrate the milestone of turning 21. He also lost some of his faith in society as he learned just how gullible some people really are. He learned some other things too. He noticed that the rules set in place for the pandemic were seemingly pointless as lots of people wouldn’t follow the rules anyways. He also learned that people like to get free stuff but don’t seem to know that nothing is actually free and that somebody will have to pay for it eventually. 

Furthermore, Calvin found it concerning that the government will shut down the entire country to keep its control on the population all while claiming that it is for their protection. A final thought that Calvin shared is that he found it quite amusing, while also irritating, that the 9/11 memorial was shut down due to the pandemic while the media promoted mass civil rights protests. As if they couldn’t make up their minds as to whether they should tell people to stay home or take to the streets in protest. 

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