Karah, Gladwin

Storyteller: Alex Mason In March of 2020, Karah (43) had went about her day in her normal fashion; coffee, early morning NCIS, and a few swipes through Facebook before she went off to work. When she arrived at the diner/restaurant she worked at in Beaverton, the overall mood was tense. Moments later, she was told that she would be sent homeContinue reading “Karah, Gladwin”

Amanda, Gladwin

Storyteller: Alex Mason In March of 2020, Amanda (18) was sitting in class when she heard the news that she’d be staying home for nearly the rest of the year. She had felt disappointed, angry with the fact that she wouldn’t finish high school in the way the grades before her had. She knew many others felt the same way. Being an active bandContinue reading “Amanda, Gladwin”