Joanne, Frankenmuth

Storyteller: Angelina Tersigni

This interview has the answers I received from my mom. She describes her job as an engineer, and that she designs electric power steering motors. She first heard about Covid when she was first isolated, and she heard from coworkers and from the news. She says that the biggest change in her day to day life was working from home. She also travels very often for work, and obviously the travel restrictions have greatly affected that area of her work life. For her work, she used to travel overseas very often, at least a couple times a year. She also misses being around people in places such as restaurants, parties, and festivals/concerts. For the past few years, we have gone to many concerts and music festivals, so it’s a thing we will both definitely miss. All of these things have been postponed over and over because of restrictions on gatherings. We still talk about how we are both looking forward to them finally coming back, and we look forward to planning concert trips as soon as we can. One of the things that she has gained from the pandemic was the empathy for others and about why they might feel strongly about things, even if they differ greatly from the way that she thinks. One thing that she listed that she lost from the pandemic is her ex father-in-law. A sensory detail that she listed is details such as shaking hands and hugging people, and how it became way less normal. This is also another part of day to day life that has been greatly affected. Something she described as being funny from the pandemic are the memes, and how people are so funny for coming up with them. Something she has learned from the pandemic was to listen to people with compassion and understanding, and not with judgement. 

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