Gabriell, Birch Run

Storyteller : Angelina Tersigni

This is my interview with my friend, Gabriell. She noted in the first few answers that she is 18, and works as a cashier in Birch Run. She said that the first time she heard of Covid was in February 2020, and she was with her dad. She said it affected her by making her days slow, groggy, and boring. Times around the beginning of the pandemic were definitely very slow, especially since almost no one knew what was going on in the world. Around March/April 2020, the world seemed to have come to a pause, giving people almost nothing to do in their day to day lives. One thing that she gained from the pandemic was more sleep, since many places were closed, and traveling was limited. Schools were all closed, and I feel like this definitely added to this fact, since many people needed to get up very early for school. One thing that she has lost from the pandemic was motivation, since the only possible thing to do all day was to stay at home. A sensory detail that she mentioned was how hard it is to hear other people in a store when they are on the other side of plastic shields, such as at the grocery store. This is something that I can definitely agree with, and it’s something that I hope to get used to, because I don’t see it stopping any time soon. Something she thought was funny from this time was when the word of murder hornets was going around, and how it was adding to the list of things people were afraid of. Something that she learned from the pandemic was that you should not trust everything that you hear, because of how biased some sources can possibly be. 

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