Savian, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Michelle Wilkerson

Savian is a 22-year-old who lives in Saginaw, Michigan. He attends the trade school Job Corp for bricklaying. In March 2020, Savian overheard the news of one of his attendees being sick with a virus and being sent home. This was the start of his knowledge about Coronavirus, and he felt overwhelm about the sudden change. Activities that took place on campus were canceled, and everyone was advised to stay in their dorm. Within a week he was sent home with just a Chromebook to continue working on his bricklaying assignments

The year Savian spent at home during the pandemic were filled with fear to unite with his family. He was disappointed to miss out on his Christmas parties with his family and celebrating the fourth of July cookout. He dreads taking his young daughters out on dates and to the park, just spending alone time with them was unsafe with both daughters being in separate households. He didn’t have the guidance and help from teachers. This cause him to fall behind in his studies. He relearned the hands-on procedure for bricklaying after a year of being off campus.

Savian continues to be considerate of others by wearing his mask, washing his hands, and social distancing. He has trouble breathing while bricklaying due to wearing a mask. he wishes there were a better way to go about protecting others than wearing a mask. He constantly thinks about the vaccine and getting rid of the mask. He is excited for people to have protection against covid, and to freely be around friends, family, and most importantly, his daughters. He has learned to enjoy the people in his life today because tomorrow is not promised.    

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