Helena, White Lake

Storyteller: Anna Bradford

Helena is an 18 year old high school student from White Lake, Michigan, and works at an ice cream shop part time. She heard about COVID-19 through word of mouth at school, and mentioned it was something that many kids joked about during lunch-time. At the time, it was something bizarre and unheard of that it only seemed appropriate to joke about. However, as the spread of the illness increased, Helena and her classmates began to hear more about the novel Coronavirus.

Senior year is something all teenagers look forward to; it’s a right of passage. Helena, like many high school seniors, has missed out on her senior year experience. She has not gotten to do her normal senior year activities such as homecoming, football games, the senior tailgate, and is only allowed to attend school two days a week. 

Helena lives with her two younger sisters, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, she has maintained better relationships with her family. She has gotten closer with them and gets along with them better after spending so much time together. 

Living on a lake, Helena has noticed the summer months feel warmer than most when she and her family are unable to take their boat out on the water due to the importance of social distancing. It could often be hard for her and her sisters to bear when they could no longer cool off like they used to. However, quarantine was more bearable due to her dad’s sense of humor. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught Helena the importance of friendship, and to consistently maintain and grow her friendships no matter what life throws at you. In a year that has separated us from those we love and taken away so much, what we do have left is each other. 

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