Abbie, Saginaw

Storyteller: Jaden Derleth

As an 18-year-old senior in high school who worked as an apprentice at a local tattoo shop, Abbie was excited to finish out the remainder of her final school year. She was completely taken back when she found out her and her classmates wouldn’t be returning to school for the rest of the year. As more and more places were getting shut down, her boss called her with the unfortunate news that their tattoo shop would be closing temporarily as well.

Abbie had to make major adjustments in her life because of COVID-19 regulations. She spent her days at home with her parents and two younger siblings. Online school was a big adjustment for Abbie. Abbie enjoyed meeting and talking to new people so, sitting in her room by herself would never be her first choice. She struggled to find new things to do while being stuck at home. Her parents planned family game nights, movie nights, and family walks in hopes to lift everyone’s spirits. She also enjoyed playing popular internet games and even virtual just dance to feel in her free time.

Abbie says the one thing she did gain from this pandemic was money thanks to the stimulus checks. Following the stimulus checks, her tattoo shop reopened as well. The shop had to follow strict guidelines in order to do this. This meant that masks were not a choice. Abbie says a major inconvenience of this pandemic was the headaches she gets from wearing masks that are too tight on her. Not only did she gain but she lost as well. She stated that she lost a lot of respect for people who refuse to follow the CDC guidelines. Overall, Abbie’s reflection on the whole pandemic thus far is that it’s been an experience, not all lows, definitely not all highs either. It’s an experience she’s glad she’ll be able to say she’s been through.

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