Hannah, Reese

Hannah, Reese, Michigan

Storyteller Jillian Pike

Hannah is a twenty year old newly married woman from Reese, Michigan. Hannah is a lead teacher at a local daycare center in the town’s Catholic church. Hannah says that she was not sure when she first heard about the virus but that her best guess would be through social media at the beginning of the year. Hannah says that the virus affected her daily life because she was not able to see her extended family as much as she used to as family is a  major role in her life but tries to be positive by saying that she got a lot of cleaning done. Hannah also continues to stay positive as she says that she has gained personal family time with her immediate family. On the contrary, though, Hannah then goes on to say that because of Coronavirus she had to make changes to her wedding plans and that her husband is no longer allowed to go with her to her ultrasound appointments and is not able to see his baby girl and has to wait for pictures. Hannah is a glass half full woman and says that because she works in a daycare there are a lot of funny things that happen to her such as her kids trying to take off her mask because they don’t like her having to wear one all day and says says that the pandemic has taught her not to take time with her family for granted. 

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