Macy, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Hayley Vance

Macy is an 18 year old girl that lives in Brant, Michigan. When the pandemic first started, Macy was a sales lead at Journeys in Birch Run. She has worked at Journeys since June of 2019. When COVID-19 hit, she lost her job and became unemployed. She first heard about COVID when she was at school in March. At that time, Macy was a senior in high school, waiting for graduation, as were most kids. 

Macy’s day to day life changed a lot because of the pandemic. She could no longer go to school, so that meant that the rest of her senior year of high school had to be completed online. That also means that Macy was on her own time; she had to manage her school work and make sure she got it done at home, so she didn’t fall behind. She couldn’t go to work either, and finding another job was a struggle. During all of her down time she has had, she has evaluated her future and the way she wants to move forward in life. She learned more about herself as well. 

Unfortunately, many things Macy has lost from COVID all have to do with school. She lost the last few months of her senior year and she couldn’t have a normal graduation. Macy also didn’t get to have a graduation party, which is a must for graduating seniors. A sensory detail that Macy has noticed is that she can tell what kind of person someone is by the mask they are wearing. Since some of the masks have different designs on them, she can get a feel for what kind of person someone is. Something funny that happened to Macy during the pandemic are all of the FaceTime calls she has had with her cousins. Since there was nothing else to do, Macy and her cousins would be on FaceTime with each other a lot. The laughs they shared brighten her day. This pandemic has taught Macy a lot of things. One of the things is that the media has huge control over the way that people react to things. She was also taught that anything could happen at any time. She knows now to not take anything for granted.

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