Kevin, Saginaw County

Storyteller: Madeline Spillane

Kevin is 47 and lives in Hemlock, Mi. He is self employed as a notary, insurance sales, consultant, and father of two girls. Kevin first heard about Covid in early January over talk radio. His job shuttered a lot and was forced to take any job opportunities that came his way. Times got hard, but he managed to get through it and stay on top of things. Kevin had little to no contact with anyone, which was especially hard since he thrives off of human contact. He is the biggest people person that I personally know. Kevin hadn’t really gained a lot from Covid. He did say that he has gained a healthy distrust for our “leaders” and how they are handling things. He also added that he has gained fifteen pounds. Kevin has had a lot of financial loss due to the pandemic. He has also lost some freedoms along with everyone else. He hasn’t really noticed many sensory details since he doesn’t leave the house much, except for,  “Of course I have gained foggy glasses, but nothing really other than that.” For Kevin, some of the events that occurred during the quarantine will stay with him forever. “I had a massive heart attack that basically killed me!” Along with many other exciting and fun adventures he went on with his family. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for Kevin, but obviously nothing is stopping him! Kevin hasn’t learned a lot during this pandemic, but what he did learn is some good information that a lot of people don’t understand. “This pandemic has taught me that it is a good idea to use basic social distancing and basic hygiene. It has also taught me that our economy is strong but also very fragile. We were not prepared for such a dramatic turn of events and I don’t think we could have been.”

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