Anne, Bay County

Storyteller: Ryley Hart

Anne is an AGM at Taco Bell and some of her responsibilities are training and hiring and she is training to be an RGM. She is 29 years old and lives in Bay City, Michigan. She can’t recall when she first heard about COVID, but she does recall that she was in Detroit in February and people already were talking about it. She said, “It was already a weird atmosphere with people looking at you strange if you coughed in a crowded area.” Since her job is essential her day to day at work hasn’t changed besides wearing masks, but she had to figure out how her kids could do remote learning. Anne said that she hasn’t gained much of anything other than weight from stress eating.

Something Anne lost from COVID was tickets to a concert. She was planning on going to a concert in October but it got rescheduled to 2021, but she did get to see a virtual concert. She also was planning a big family Disney World trip but that was cancelled and refunded due to the inconvenience. A sensory detail that Anne has noticed since the start of the pandemic was the pleasant smell of fresh fabric after you wash a mask.

When I asked if anything funny happened during the pandemic, she told me a story of her kid stabbing himself in the hand right after the lockdown. He was trying to open a box and grabbed the biggest knife he could find and tried opening it towards himself and slipped. She expressed the irony of the situation saying, “They want everyone to stay home, and my son, being careless, stabs himself in the palm of his hand with a knife, forcing us to go to the one place we really shouldn’t go- the hospital.”

She said that “The pandemic has taught me how many careless, selfish and ignorant people live in the country and my community.” Her main complaint for those people is the inability for them to wear a mask, then stating her concern for her parents’ health with the amount of ignorant people there are in the world.

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